We are Taft - June Class of 1959:  Special Then - Special Now - Together Again & Staying Together!
This page was last updated: August 6, 2021
Row 1: Karen Anderson-Sterbenz, Marlene Rizzi-Crawford, Anne Fear-McManus, Barbara Knudsen-Newlin, Karen Knuth-Neibarger, Judy Harris-Janewicz, Ruth Haasis-Babka, Lars Gosell, Marilyn Moldenhauer-Gosell, Jackie Schmidt-Sheehan, Sue Gardner-O’Connell, Karen Goebel-Eldrup, Arnie Werling, Pat Gasway-Fisher, Jim Fisher, Karen Bartel.

Row 2: Barbara Lynn-Templeman, Barbara Peterson, Dona Olsen-McLaughlin, Rita Glaubich-Morser, Bertha Monahan, Carol Lubinetz-Vix, Gail Kaitis, Carole Tatara Taylor-Solarz, Barbara Gornell-Mitchell, Yvonne Klincik-Prisble, George Coghlin, Esther Coghlin, Pat Santell-Lutz, Leah Herbst-McWhorter, Kurt Marquardt, Joe Bartel

Rows 3 and 4: Larry Marsh, Bob Henning, Suzanne Henning, Barbara Marsh, Kerry Kremer, Abner Cunningham, Ken Monahan, Georgie Janewicz, Carol Cunningham, John Morser, Gail Wise, Tom Wise, Roberta Lund, Gordie Lund, Bruce Lohr, Sherry Lohr, Penni Eichin-Isaacson, Butch Sterbenz, Bruce Isaacson, Bill Rice, Carol Andersen, Wally Mueller, Richard Anderson, Al Spiegel, Leanne Mattick-Spiegel, Jane Werling, Tom Hookanson, Mary Ellen Fiedler, Karl Fiedler, Don Soderlund, Suzanne Lenoir, Betty Henning-Murphy, Dave Murphy, Joe Bartel
60th Reunion
Special Tribute:

This website, widely acclaimed as one of the nation’s very best, is the product of our Classmate, Fred Allegretti, who, unfortunately, is no longer with us. Fred, truly a life-long computer expert, envisioned, gathered material, and produced the website, spending many, many hours for the benefit of our Class and Classmates. He also was the key editor of our extensive 50th Reunion Memory Book; and, on his own, he produced the one-hour “TAFT The Movie” DVD, and additional Reunion DVDs following the 50th. At TAFT, Fred was well known as a cheerful, positive, friendly, and fun-loving friend and Classmate. He enthusiastically participated in the regular and ROTC Bands, and he was a member of the football and bowling teams, and Drama Club. 

Finally, Fred was a charter member of our Reunion Committee and actively participated in all our Reunions and Lunches until his passing. 
We plan to send out a Reunion 61/62 information and reservation packet in regular mail and by email later this summer, so you are encouraged to watch for it.  It will also be posted here on the Class website. Should you not receive the packet by September 1st, we recommend you contact any Reunion Committee member listed on the site as soon as practical for you.  One will be sent to you!  

Understandably, this will be a significant Reunion for us, and future get-togethers may be more limited.  Therefore, we encourage you to make every effort to attend. Our plans include a late Saturday afternoon reception at the Hotel, a full dinner that evening, and a farewell brunch at the Hotel on Sunday morning.  This is very similar to our past Reunions, at which we alway have a good time reminiscing, catching up, and having fun.  We are also hoping that TAFT's Principal, Mark Grishaber, and his wife, Tina, will again be able to join us and share an update on today's TAFT.  They have come to several of our Annual Reunions in the past.  The cost will be reasonable and we will leave plenty of opportunity to reconnect and enjoy visiting classmates.

If you have questions or comments about any part of the website, or about any of our past or planned Reunion or Luncheon events….or information about our Class or Classmates in general, please contact any of the Reunion Committee members listed in the last section of the website. They will be happy to assist. THANK YOU!

TAFT June 1959 
Special Then, Special Now “Together Again”… And Staying Together!  

Your Reunion Committee
We want to announce our BIG 61st/62nd Reunion on Saturday Evening, October 2nd this coming fall 2021!

The reunion will be held at The Hilton Garden Inn on River Road in Des Plaines.  We missed our annual Reunion #61 last year due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but we don't want to miss it this year.  It will be another excellent opportunity for all of us to be "TOGETHER AGAIN!" and reminisce.


We ask you to consider donating to our Class (“TAFT June 1959 Reunion”) to provide ongoing support for this website, Class correspondence, our Annual Reunions, and our periodic (Christmas Time and Spring) Luncheons. Class donations should be sent to our Class Treasurer: 

Joe Bartel
7629 W. Isham Ave., Chicago, IL 60631-1540

Make check payable to “TAFT Reunion 1959.” THANK YOU!

Our TAFT Principal is requesting donation funds to install a large, engraved “TAFT High School” edifice cornerstone on the corner of Natoma and Bryn Mawr Avenues. This is a worthwhile project and will add much to the look and class of our alma mater. Donations, for this or any other general TAFT donation, should be sent directly to: 

Principal Mark Grishaber
TAFT High School
6530 W. Bryn Mawr Ave., Chicago, IL 60631

Make checks payable to “TAFT High School.”
Reunion “BIG 60”

In October 2019, we celebrated our Reunion “BIG 60.” Little then did we realize that the world would soon be hit with a virus that would prevent us from meeting the following year (2020) for Reunion 61 as planned. The photo from “BIG 60” is below. As you can see, the attendance was very good, as was the food, atmosphere, conversation, and brief entertainment. As highlights, we were introduced to our new Class mascot, “William Howard Eagle”, we played a short Aerie Yearbook trivia game, and Classmate Tom Hookanson displayed his excellent sketches of our Classmates. Indeed, a GREAT TIME was had by all!

Again, this fall on October 1-3, 2021, we plan to make up for last year and celebrate this year as we enjoy Combined Reunion 61/62. Click here to get the reservation form!  We hope you will plan to join us.