We are Taft - June Class of 1959:  Special Then - Special Now - Together Again & Staying Together!
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This page was last updated: March 13, 2019
Row 1: Fred Allegretti, Jackie Schmidt Sheehan, Betty Henning Murphy, Ruth Haasis Babka, Larry Marsh, Tina Grishaber, Principal Mark Grishaber, Pat Santell Lutz, Karen Goebel Eldrup, Marilyn Moldenhauer Gossell, Barb Knudson Newlin, Karen Knuth Neibarger, Karen Anderson Sterbenz. 

Row 2: Joe Bartel, Jr., Karen Bartel, Joe Bartel, Kelsey Peterson, Lorraine Peterson, Al Spiegel, George Coughlin, Leanne Mattick Spiegel, Carol Lubinetz Vix, Barb Peterson, Marlene Rizzi Crawford, Rita Glaubich Morser, Bob Henning, Sue Henning. 

Row 3: Anne Fear McManus, Arnie Werling, Jane Werling, Ken Yonan, Sherry Kremer, Lars Gossell, Gordy Lund, Roberta Lund, Gail Wise, Tom Wise, Tom Hookanson, Tom Croston, Butch Sterbenz. 4, Barb Marsh, Dave Murphy, Bruce Isaacson, Penni Eichin Isaacson, Kerry Kremer, Bill Rice, Bonnie Murray, Mike Murray, Ken Eldrup
Getting together again, the 59th reunion of the Taft Class of 1959 met at the Hilton Garden Inn in Des Plaines, Illinois.  Following the Pledge of Allegiance, the singing of the Star-Spangled Banner, and a Grace Offering, we enjoyed a sumptuous buffet dinner. 

Larry Marsh welcomed everyone, and then awarded a trophy to Bill Rice who was first in submitting his reservation for the reunion. Larry acknowledged Kelsey Peterson and Carol Lubinetz Vix who were being admitted into the Taft Hall of Fame the following day.  Tom Hookansen spoke about the sketches he made of almost all the pictures of graduates from 1959 yearbook. Larry then introduced us to William Howard Eagle, the Taft mascot. 

The Principal of Taft, Mark Grishaber, and his wife Tina, attended the reunion. Mark addressed the group, talking about the latest Taft achievements in scholastics and in sports. He also gave an update on the Taft Middle School, the solution to the bulging enrollment at the high school. The Middle School will house grades 7 through 9. Students will go on to Taft High School for Grades 10 through 12. 

Following Mark’s update, Larry Marsh presented Mark with a $500 donation check from the Taft Class of 1959 to be used for the high school. The evening ended with a raffle, a short quiz contest from our 1959 Taft Yearbook, and the singing of the Taft Fight Song.
Spring Luncheon, Friday, May 3

Recently we sent an ALL-CLASSMATES E-mail which mentioned that our Annual Spring Luncheon this year would be held on Friday, April 26, and that our BIG 60th Reunion would be held Friday – Sunday, October 4-6 this fall. There has been one change.  The Annual Spring Luncheon will now be held a week later, on Friday, May 3. 

These enjoyable events will be held at the Hilton Garden Inn on River Road in Des Plaines, and we strongly encourage you to consider attending both. As we age, our times together to reminisce, catch up and be “Together Again!” are becoming more limited and more important, and is why we would enjoy seeing everyone this year!  

The Annual Spring Luncheon will begin at 11:00, and we will individually order off the menu and stay as long as we desire. There is no cover charge or reservation fee. In order to reserve a large enough space, please call or e-mail CLASSMATE Anne Fear-McManus at (630) 584-9194 or annemcmanus@me.com if you can join us….and we sincerely hope you will! Drop by even if you can’t make lunch. CLASSMATES and spouses are always welcome!
59th Reunion
Memorials to Honor Departed Classmates

Finally, we are setting up a procedure to honor our CLASSMATES who have passed on and whose relatives have expressed a desire to contribute to TAFT in their name. Our most recent example is Fred Allegretti, who died last month. Fred was an original member of our CLASS REUNION COMMITTEE and his wife, Anne, said he very much wanted to be remembered at TAFT, so any donations by friends, family, and CLASSMATES can go to Taft. In accordance with Fred’s and Anne’s expressed wishes, any collected funds in Fred’s memory will go to the TAFT Music Department to procure new, needed percussion instruments, which is what Fred played and wanted. As your Reunion Committee, we individually are planning to donate to this fund.  

Fred, as we know, was a cheerful, positive, wholehearted CLASSMATE who enthusiastically participated in the regular and ROTC bands; was a member of the football and bowling teams; and did SO VERY MUCH for our CLASS and CLASS Reunions over the subsequent years. For example, he donated significant funds to The TAFT Alumni Association and The TAFT Foundation; he single-handedly produced the one-hour “TAFT-The Movie” DVD shown at our 50th Reunion and several subsequent Reunions…and several shorter DVDs; he was the main author and compiler of our 50th Reunion Memory Book, which is still judged as the “best ever seen” by many groups; he sent many earlier ALL-CLASSMATE E-Mails; he was a premier all-encompassing computer expert; and, over the years, he and Anne hosted many CLASSMATES at their Pistakee Lake home outside Chicago.

If CLASSMATES would like to donate in Fred’s memory, or in the memory of another departed CLASSMATE, please make a check out to “TAFT High School”, write the name to be honored/remembered by the CLASS in the memo line (for example: “Memory of Fred Allegretti – 1959”) and send it to CLASSMATE Carol Lubinetz-Vix, a member of The Reunion Committee. Mail the check with a note as to where to apply the money (e.g. “band”, “library”, “football team”, “chemistry lab”, “general student fund”, etc.) to:  
Carol Lubinetz-Vix Phone: 312-856-1356 
195 N. Harbor Drive, Unit 303 Email: vix195@comcast.net
Chicago, IL 60601  

Carol will record all donations and periodically pass the checks and notes on to current TAFT Principal, Mark Grishaber. Spring Luncheon, Friday, May 3.
BIG 60th Reunion

More detailed information on our BIG 60th Reunion will be sent in several months. It will be a great time….lots of fun and memories. Please reserve the weekend dates: October 4-6.

If you have questions about our new honorary/ remembrance donation procedure, please contact Carol. For questions about the upcoming luncheon or 60th Reunion event, or information about our CLASS in general, please contact Anne Fear-McManus as noted above or CLASSMATE Penni Eichin-Isaacson at 847-945-5168 or penniisa@att.net. THANK YOU!  

TAFT June 1959 
Special Then, Special Now “Together Again”… And Staying Together!  

Your Reunion Committee
Spring Luncheon 

Friday May 3, 2019 - 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM

Hilton Garden Inn 
Des Plaines, Illinois